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Canton Parks and Recreation is now offering Recreational E-Sports through GGLeagues! Signing up for an E-Sports League is a great opportunity to have participants, who enjoy playing video games, to be engaged with other players. This program serves as a platform for those with a passion in video games to compete with other players. The top 4 team from each division will make the playoffs (playoffs are held at the end of each season). 

Joining a league is easy! First you must make an account on (remember your username). Next you will register through Canton Parks & Recreation (with one of the game choices listed below). Then you will be contacted by GGLeagues with the league you are on and other information. Lastly, practice your game of choice and have fun!

Leagues are $20 per person per each game of choice. Games offered are: Rocket League, Madden21, FIFA21 and Fortnite! Each season is 6 weeks long and the 6th week will be the playoffs where each team competes for the winning title in an elimination process. Medals and prizes are given out to the winning participants (view the Q&A below for prize information). 

Each season will be 6 weeks long and be held on Saturdays. Times will vary, but will be held at either 10am or 4pm on Saturday. GGLeagues will coordinate time arrangements with all participants in a league. 

2021 Schedule
Winter Season: 
                     -Registration Closes: 1/6/2021
                     -Start Date: Saturday, January 16th (10am or 4pm)
                     -Playoffs (end date): Saturday, February 20th (10am or 4pm)
Spring Season: 
                     -Registration Closes: 4/1/2021
                     -Start Date: Saturday, April 1st (10am or 4pm)
                     -Playoffs (end date): Saturday, May 15th (10am or 4pm)
Summer Season: 
                     -Registration Closes: 7/1/2021
                     -Start Date: Saturday, July 10th (10am or 4pm)
                     -Playoffs (end date): Saturday, August 14th (10am or 4pm)
Fall Season: 
                     -Registration Closes: 9/22/2021
                     -Start Date: Saturday, October 2nd (10am or 4pm)
                     -Playoffs (end date): Saturday, November 6th (10am or 4pm)

Questions & Answers: 
What is E-Sports? 

E-Sports is different form of sport competition using video games. This is a very popular and fast-trending new recreational activity. 

Where will this be held? 
All participation will be done from your own home. 

What is the age requirement? 
Participants must be 13 years or older to participate. 

What is the fee?
The fee is $20 per participant per League/Game. Tournament fees are separate from League fees. Tournament fees are TBD. 

Can I pick my league/how are leagues assigned?
GGLeagues assign you to a League as they see fit. You can not pick your own league. You may request to be on the same league as a friend/family member and GGLeagues will do their best to make these accommodations. Requests for the same league can be e-mailed to Lexi Polasek:

What do I need in order to participate? 

You will need the following supplies/equipment in order to participate: 

  1. Video Game Console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile device and/or PC) *NOTE: Certain games only take specific consoles. You can review this under the Games Offered Section).

  2. Internet connection/WiFi. 

  3. Access to be able to play with other players: PlayStation Plus (for PlayStation), Xbox live- Xbox gold or Game Pass Ultimate (for Xbox) and Nintendo Online (for Nintendo Switch). 

  4. Discord. (This is a FREE application that can be downloaded onto a mobile device, or accessed through the computer. GGLeagues will provide the Discord Channel Code to participants). Only one teammate needs to have discord, but more than one teammate can have access to discord if wanted!

  5. GGLeagues account. All participants are required to register through the Canton Parks & Recreation website for payment purposes AND make an account through GGLeagues for participation purposes. NOTE: Please remember the username you create through GGLeagues. This will be the username asked at checkout when you register with Canton Parks & Recreation. 

  6. Username. This question will be asked through our Canton Parks & Recreation website. 

What is the competitive format? 
A regular season will be played in a round robin format. Round Robin format is when each team will have the opportunity to play a different team each week. 
Playoffs- Playoffs will be a single elimination bracket. The top 4 teams from each division will play in a single day, single elimination bracket. Single elimination means that if you win, you will move on to the next round. Once you lose in the playoffs, you are eliminated. 
Each league will have 1 open division, except for Rocket League which will have casual and competitive division. 

What Games are offered? 

Games Offered*

            Game                           Platform                                     Format
Rocket League |  PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch | 3v3 and 1v1
Madden21        |                         PlayStation                        |       1v1
|                         PlayStation                        |       1v1
|  PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mobile   | 1v1

*games are subject to change throughout the year

How do I register? 
First, players must make an account through GGLeagues (website will be listed below). Please remember the username you made your GGLeague account with, you will be asked this question when you register through Canton Parks and Recreation. 
Website for GGLeagues:
The next and final step is registering through Canton Parks & Recreation's website. You will be asked what your GGLeague username is, as well as your in-game username.
NOTE: These are two sepearte questions. Your username for GGLeagues is what links you to your account with GGLeagues website (NOT the username for the game/platform itself). You will need to have your in-game username ready.
Example: If you use PlayStation, this will be the username that you use to log in with your PlayStation (unless the game itself asks you to pick a different username). 

I registered through GGLeagues & Canton Parks and Recreation, now what? 
You will be contacted through GGLeagues shortly. GGLeagues will be your contact with all and any questions you may have about leagues, gaming, tournaments and more. 
Canton Parks & Recreation will only be able to assist with payment questions or getting in contact with GGLeagues. 

Are there prizes?
Yes, prizes such as GGLeagues merchadise, headphones, medals and more will be given out by GGLeagues. Prizes are given out to the top competitors. 

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Rocket League- Winter Season 
13 - 99  N/A  Sa  01/16/2021 - 02/20/2021
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From your home!
$20.00 R, $20.00 NR
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Madden21 - Winter Season 
13 - 99  N/A  Sa  01/16/2021 - 02/20/2021
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From your home!
$20.00 R, $20.00 NR
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FIFA21 - Winter Season 
13 - 99  N/A  Sa  01/16/2021 - 02/20/2021
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From your home!
$20.00 R, $20.00 NR
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Fortnite - Winter Season 
13 - 99  N/A  Sa  01/16/2021 - 02/20/2021
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

From your home!
$20.00 R, $20.00 NR
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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