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UPDATE: Minecraft World Builder is only offered for the week of 8/9!

Online coding classes with CodeWiz are now open for Summer Camps for 2021. These Summer Camps are all done virtually from your home! Please review the information below carefully, CodeWiz has many unique themed classes for different ages. Each type of class is offered for one week at a time all Summer long from June 14th-August 16th. Each week offers AM time slots with the exception of Week 5 and Week 10 which include AM and PM time slots. 

Registration below is set for each class listed in order for descriptions below with their AM and PM times. Registration is also broken up into weekly sessions. 

All Online Coding Classes featured below with Code Wiz have different times, ages and themes per section. Please review the information carefully. What each class has in common are the following: 

    • Each week is $245 per person

    • Each class is done virtually from your home!

    • Each class is one week long ranging from June 14-August 16 (10 weeks)!

    • Each class is 2 hours a day (Monday-Friday)

    • Classes are only AM each week with the except of Week 5 and 10 which include AM and PM

      • AM Session- 10am-12pm

      • PM Session- 1pm-3pm

Registration deadlines are as followed: 

    • Week 1- Friday, June 4

    • Week 2- Friday, June 11

    • Week 3- Friday, June 18

    • Week 4- Friday, June 25

    • Week 5- Friday, July 2

    • Week 6- Friday, July 9

    • Week 7- Friday, July 16

    • Week 8- Friday, July 23

    • Week 9- Friday, July 30

    • Week 10- Friday, August 6

Registration is EASY! When registering select the week below you are signing up for. During the sign up process a 2 questionnaire form will pop up asking what time you want for class (AM or PM) and which of the classes (listed below) you are registering for. 

Code Wiz aligns its curriculum with the K–12 Computer Science Framework represents a vision in which all students engage in the concepts and practices of computer science.

“Beginning in the earliest grades and continuing through 12th grade, students will develop a foundation of computer science knowledge and learn new approaches to problem solving that harness the power of computational thinking to become both users and creators of computing technology. By applying computer science as a tool for learning and expression in a variety of disciplines and interests, students will actively participate in a world that is increasingly influenced by technology”.

The framework promotes a vision in which all students critically engage in computer science issues; approach problems in innovative ways; and create computational artifacts with a practical, personal, or societal intent.

CodeWiz Session Topics: 

Make Your Own Roblox Games (Ages 7-9 & 10-12)*
*A PC or a Mac is required, Chromebook will not work for this class.

Become a Roblox game wiz using Lua! Createversions of your fairytale universe with Roblox. Roblox studio has all the tools to make your wildest gaming imaginations a reality.

In this camp, you and other passionate kids will learn how to make use of the many tools
on Roblox to code terrific games, relaying your imaginative capabilities to the world.
Through drag and drop techniques, you’ll be creating extensions to the Roblox game while fostering your creativity and learning real-world computer coding.
Your child will learn: How to program within Roblox Studio using the LUA programming language. They will learn how to use the Roblox Studio 3D game engine by designing a 3D world, scripting different objects, Debugging code, and by learning the life cycle of game development. 

Minecraft World Builder (Ages 7-12)*
*A PC or a Mac is required, Chromebook will not work for this class.
Minecraft Economy has never been quite as exciting as Minecraft World Builder. In this camp, you'll learn how to run a city, manage money and protect the environment, all within the 3D world of Minecraft!

This camp is not coding-based but is more focused on real world economics, city planning, and life management! In Minecraft World Builder, you'll be part of a committee and will learn to manage money by building a growing city with your peers, all by using the Minecraft World Builder mods!
Your child will learn: Real life money management, town design, environment protection, public speaking, presentation skills, and economics, all within the very popular 3D video game, Minecraft!

Coding with Minecraft (Ages 8-12)*
*A PC or a Mac is required, Chromebook will not work for this class.
Explore, create or survive! Mine deep into the minecraft world and create the future! In this creative camp, challenge the odds, craft your
own kinds of weapons and build dream worlds using code. Do this while also learning fundamental programming concepts, level design and problem solving skills. You will make use of ready made coding blocks to create mini versions of Minecraft games.
Your child will learn: How to develop skills on problem solving and finsing the best solutions to a targeted goal. They will have an understanding of programming within the context of Minecraft codding, and will learn game design all within the comfort of Minecraft. 

Game Design with Unity (Ages 13+)*
*A PC or a Mac is required, Chromebook will not work for this class.
Bring your vision to life today. Unity’s game development engine empowers you with all you need to create 2D and 3D games like the pros! This camp is designed with the absolute beginner in mind; no prior experience with Unity is required. You will start by exploring the Unity interface, and learning how to manipulate objects in the editor. You will implement functionality using C# scripts, add animation and manage lighting for the game and finally rendering a functional game you and your friends can enjoy!
What your child will learn: How to navigate a 3D game engine, as well as a wide variety of skills by using a 3D world. Learn how to animate, write C# scripts, use variables and functions, work with gravity, create 3D objects, and much more, to create the game of their dreams!

Make your own Games & Animations (Ages 7-8 & 9-12)
Dive into the world of code by coding your own space shooter games, trivia games, music bands, beautiful computer-generated art and math simulations or tell a story! You can also use code to create science and social
science projects! You will get to incorporate what you are passionate about into the programs you create! The confidence in being unique will be taught to kids and communicated through their code creations.
Your child will learn: How to program and design their own applications. Have an understanding of problem solving, coding skills in scratch or Python such as variables, loops, and functions!

Intro/Advanced Python (Ages 12+)
Coding is one of the most lucrative skills in the job market. Learning python offers you the skills necessary to stand out on your college applications. Coding teaches you to navigate your way through complex computational problems. From basic computational thinking, you will create your own word-based games and use the python arcade library to create superb games with compelling graphics.
Your child will learn: How to create Java programs by learning how to use variables, problem solving, loops, and methods. These will all be incorporated in creating different games and projects.

Game Maker - Code Games in Java (Ages 8-12)*
*A PC or a Mac is required, Chromebook will not work for this class.
Dive into the world of code by coding your own games and simulations in Java! Create ‘actors’ which live in ‘worlds’ to build games,simulations, and other graphical programs all while learning Java with Greenfoot. Using a blended approach of drag n drop and direct text editing. You will get to incorporate what you are passionate about into the programs you create!
Your child will learn:
How to create Java programs by learning how to use variables, problem solving, loops, and methods. These will all be incorporated in creating different games and projects.

Intro/Advanced Java (Ages 12+)
Expand your knowledge and skill set with object-oriented programming in Java. Learn about objects, methods, classes and use that to create card game simulations, parking garage software and basically any simulation that requires object interaction. Using your Java skills, you’ll be able to develop an impressive portfolio that cannot be overlooked by colleges. This course will make your AP Computer Science class a breeze!
Your child will learn: How to program from the very basics of Java "Hello World" to learning about, methods, classes, and objects. They will create their own programs in Java relating to any object based situation.

Create Animations from JavaScript (Ages 10-12)
Paint and tell a story from your perspective all with code. Express your creative side by learning how to create gripping animations and transitions using Javascript. With a snap, you’d create interactive web-based animations that look really cool! In this course, students have used code to simulate a sunrise and sunset, simulate the Fibonacci sequence, recreate the classic snake and pong games that can be played directly in the browser. Amazing stuff for your portfolio!
Your child will learn: How to develop web based Javascript animation. They will allow for their creativity to shine and create Javascript based games which they can play on any computer!

Build Your Own Website (Ages 13+)
HTML is the building block of every website. Learn how to build dynamic, engaging and interactive websites of your choice with the understanding of the HTML framework. You don't need to be a pro or a crazy genius to completely figure it out. You’ll be taken through the simple basics and eventually progress to the simpler cascading style sheets(CSS) and take your design up a
notch using the bootstrap framework. You can build an online version of your resume or portfolio of projects that will be sure to impress!
Your child will learn: How to create a website of their very own from the ground up, they will learn how to use many functions of the HTML language to build interactive websites. They will be able to take away how to design websites, understand the HTML framework, where later they will understand how to design with CSS, and learn building blocks for future success.

Voice Apps for Alexia (Ages 13+)
Redefine your voice app experience! Create something completely unique that nobody has ever seen before. During this course, you’ll be equipped to create global apps for Alexa. You’ll be able to fully incorporate any new feature you can think of into your app, as Voiceflow’s drag and drop feature will make this an absolute breeze. Your design could be the next big thing!
Your child will learn: How to program the newest 'must have' in homes around the world: Alexa devices! how to use Voiceflow's drag and drop coding technique to make robust programs for their Alexa device! They will learn programming concepts, critical thinking skills and the creativity needed to make future home essentials, just like Alexa.

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Week 7 
6 - 99 N/A MTuWThF  07/26/2021 - 07/30/2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

From your home!
$245.00 R, $245.00 NR
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Week 8 
6 - 99 N/A MTuWThF  08/02/2021 - 08/06/2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

From your home!
$245.00 R, $245.00 NR
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Week 9 
6 - 99 N/A MTuWThF  08/09/2021 - 08/13/2021
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

From your home!
$245.00 R, $245.00 NR
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Week 10 
6 - 99 N/A MTuWThF  08/16/2021 - 08/20/2021
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

From your home!
$245.00 R, $245.00 NR
* Adjustments and discounts will be applied during checkout if applicable. *

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